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  1. Требования ▸ ЦП: INTEL и AMD ▸ Win Ver: 1709 - все новое (ТАКЖЕ ДЛЯ WINDOWS 11) (Home и Pro, но лучше использовать версию Pro) AIMBOT ▸ Контролируемое поле зрения. ▸ Один тип аимбота. (Вектор) ▸ Система приоритетных хитбоксов. ▸ Регулируемая гладкость. ▸ Нет отдачи. ESP ▸ Бьюти-боксы. ▸ Имя ESP ▸ ESP для оружия ▸ Дистанция ESP ▸ Скелет ▸ Полоса здоровья ▸ Труп ESP MISC ▸ Два типа спидхака. (Сквозь стены, преграды. По умолчанию SH) ▸ Различные единицы длины (футы, метры, ярды)
  2. Fecurity Requirements ▸ CPU: INTEL and AMD ▸ Win Ver: 1909 - all new (Windows 10 only)(Home and Pro but better use Pro version) Aimbot Enabled Checkbox Type (Mouse, Silent) Types of aimbot Aim Key Keybind Hitbox key keybind Ignore Knocked Targets Checkbox Style (Bind, Scope, Attack) Switch Target Delay Slider ms NoRecoil Checkbox DrawFov Checkbox Prediction Checkbox Visible Only Checkbox Fov Slider Aim Speed Horizontal Slider Aim Speed Vertical Slider Hitscan Visuals Enabled Checkbox Enemy Only Checkbox Player Group: Visible Only Checkbox Auto Enemy Mark Checkbox Box Checkbox Box Type (Rect, Corner, Rounded Rect) Combobox Box Outline Checkbox Distance Checkbox Weapon Name Checkbox Health Bar Checkbox Armor Bar Checkbox Nicknames Checkbox Ping Checkbox Rank Checkbox Kills Checkbox Max Distance Slider GlowGroup: Glow Checkbox Fill Checkbox ColorVisible ColorPicker ColorInvisible ColorPicker Line Width Slider Mode (Default, Collapsed, Thermal) GlowGroup End PlayerGroup End LootGroup: Loot Enabled Checkbox Distance Checkbox Cache Delay Slider Max Distance Slider LootFilter: Weapons Checkbox Grenades Checkbox Ammo Checkbox Offhand Checkbox Armor Checkbox Killstreak Checkbox Money Checkbox Market Checkbox Contracts Checkbox LootFilter End LootGroup End Misc: Override Fov Checkbox Override Fov -> Value Slider Juggernaut UAV Checkbox Quiet steps Checkbox Adjustment Checkbox Slide Cancel Checkbox Unlocker Group: Loadout Future Checkbox Weapons Checkbox Blueprints Checkbox Charms Checkbox Stickers Checkbox Sights Checkbox Attachments Checkbox Operators Checkbox Replicas Checkbox Finishers Checkbox UnlockerGroupEnd EngineGroup Use animations for visuals Checkbox Animations speed multiplayer Slider DPI Scale -> Slider EngineGroupEnd Utils Group: Reload Fonts Button Reload Functions Button Detach Software Button UtilsGroupEng Colors Experimental Here we are developing new functions.
  3. Price for resellers 1d-8$/7d-42$/30d-90$
  4. 350$ - 100 keys 24h This discount will be valid after purchasing 100 keys for 24 hours. 15$ - 7d 30$ - 30d
  5. FRIENDS THAT YOU JUST KNEW EARNED A SPOOFER OR NOT, WE HAVE ADDED A SOUND NOTIFICATION, WHICH WILL BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SMALL BEEP AFTER THE INJECTION, IF YOU HEARD IT, THEN ALL IS WELL, IF NOT, THEN SOMETHING WASN'T DONE AND YOU NEED TO EXCEED ALL RECOMMENDATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS. TO BE SURE, DID SPOOFER, TO RUN IT TYPE IN THE CONSOLE COMMAND: "WMIC DISKDRIVE GET SERIALNUMBER", AFTER RUNNING REPEAT THE SAME COMMAND, IF THE DATA DIFFER, THEN THE SPOOFER WORKS, IF NOT, YOU SHOULD DOUBLE-CHECK WHETHER ALL EXECUTED INSTRUCTIONS. Supported OS / Only Windows 10 Coder: Rastaman, R4ndom Support games : All who have cheat of BE/EAC *** Pay special attention to the RUST and EFT games, due to the fact that anti-cheat updates occur very often in them, sometimes the spoofer may temporarily not work for them, so before making a purchase, check with support if everything is fine, or just watch the latest news. It is also worth noting that AHСI mode must be enabled in the BIOS, it is on almost all new computers, but to be more convincing, check if this mode is set exactly, if it is different, for example, an IDE, you will need to change it to AHСI, more often of all this is only possible with a complete reinstallation of Windows, but if you find a way without reinstalling how to do this, be sure to share it with us. And also it is necessary to disable the TPM protection module, also in the BIOS (it can also be called Trusted Platform Module, TPM Device, Security Chip, fTPM and PTT), on some motherboards, this module is not present at all, then nothing needs to be done. You can find out if this module is on your motherboard or not on the manufacturer's website without any problems. It is also extremely important that Fast Boot is enabled in the BIOS. When using versions with Static marks, the data substitution will be made once and will constantly remain the same with each new injection, in order to reset this data, you should delete the file called "hwid", which is located in the folder with the loader, after deleting, do not forget reboot the PC. Friends, happy to introduce you to HWID Spoofer! The principle of operation is simple, if you have a ban by HWID in a game, then running HWID Spoofer you can play again without any problems! User's manual: It is advisable that the loader be located on any removable drive (for example, a regular USB flash drive), and after all the manipulations that are indicated below, you must remove it from the computer before starting the game! ATTENTION! WHEN USING VERSION FOR EAC, STRICTLY USE ONLY FROM FLASH DRIVE, OTHERWISE WILL INJECT ERROR! 1. To get started, DOWNLOAD the program, run, and edit data in the field "Serial Number" for each of your disk, after changing, RESTART the computer; 1.1 Do not forget to check that you have disabled the TPM protection module (it is written in more detail about it just above); 2. Run the loader, select the HWID Spoofer; 3. Select the version marked as [pay], and press the LAUNCH button; 4. Wait until the loader closes; 5. That's all, you can run the game you would like to play! * If you want to play with any cheat, then after step 4, start the cheat first, and then the game. ** To cancel the spoofer, just restart the computer. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Before using HWID Spoofer highly recommend : - first reinstall your Windows; - if the router is with dynamic IP, then restart it too; - delete the old folder with the game, and install again; - after all of the above, start the HWID Spoofer according to the instructions above!
  6. ▸ CPU: INTEL and AMD ▸ Win Ver: 1909 - all new (Windows 10 only) (Home and Pro but better use Pro version) ▸ Grenade ESP ▸ Vehicle ESP ▸ Player ESP ▸ Health ▸ Distance ▸ Nickname ▸ Skeleton ▸ Aimbot ▸ Silent Aimbot ▸ 2D Box ▸ FOV ▸ Distance aimbot
  7. ▸ CPU: INTEL and AMD ▸ Win Ver: 1809 - 11 ▸ Player ESP ▸ Health ▸ Armor ▸ Distance ▸ Nickname ▸ Skeleton ▸ Aimbot ▸ Smooth ▸ No recoil ▸ 2D Box ▸ FOV ▸ Chams ▸ Weapon ESP ▸ TriggerBOT ▸ Spread Prediction for Trigger ▸ Trigger Crosshair ▸ Shield Checkbox ▸ Trigger Crosshair customization ▸ Trigger delay working by MS
  8. WIN 8-10-11 All CPU and GPU Requirements: UEFI only Disabled auto clear memory in game settings. Borderless/windowed mode. Disabled / if it does not work - removed antivirus. ————————————————————————- Legacy -> UEFI without reinstalling Windows in a couple of minutes https://www.maketecheasier.com/convert-legacy-bios-uefi-windows10/ ————————————————————————- Troubleshooting Errors when starting the loader Fatal error ****** - restart the loader from the admin again, this is windows bug. If you need to restart the software - you need to press the key combination indicated in the menu to unload the cheat before restarting.
  9. ▸ CPU: INTEL and AMD ▸ Win Ver: 2004 - all new (Windows 10 only) (Home and Pro but better use Pro version) Aimbot ▸ Silent aim ▸ FOV adjustment ▸ Multiple aimbot keys Player ESP ▸ Teammate check ▸ Skeleton ▸ Health ▸ Distance ▸ SCAV filter ▸ Corpse ▸ Level Item ESP ▸ Boxes ▸ Valuables ▸ Quest items ▸ Containers ▸ Boxes ▸ All loot ▸ see loot inside containers Misc ▸ Third person ▸ No visor ▸ Thermal vision (custom colored) ▸ No recoil (risky) ▸ No spread ▸ Streamer mode (turns all blantant features off) ▸ Aspect ratio changer Exploits ▸ Instant bullet (risky) ▸ Instant search (safe) ▸ Instant examine (safe) ▸ Loot through walls (safe)
  10. Added compatible of all CPU WIN 10 1809 - WIN 11 BIOS UEFI ONLY
  11. ▸ CPU: INTEL and AMD ▸ Win Ver: 1909 - all new ▸ Grenade ESP ▸ Player ESP ▸ Health ▸ Distance ▸ Nickname ▸ Skeleton ▸ 2D Box ▸ FOV ▸ Aim-Assist
  12. Added compatible of all CPU WIN 10 1809 - WIN 11 BIOS UEFI ONLY Added spectator list
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